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I'm Luca

I am a twenty-six-year-old Industrial Designer.

When I was seventeen I discovered Design, and from that moment I understood that I had to investigate into what design means, not just for me, but in its entirety.

For me, Design is the relation between humans and matter. This is the connection that allows us to live in a world of objects, information and necessities.

Design is a language that makes us able to understand what an object wants to say, what its function is. A Design object is the manual of itself.

We have to conceive an object from its soul up to its skin. That’s what I think, that’s what I am.

What I do

Industrial Design

While studying at Politecnico di Milano, I learned to work with projects handling all the stages required, from the first brief to the final concept, from the prototyping stage to manufacturing.

UX/UI Design

I think that an interface is like a product, every component, every detail showed on screen is important as a button, a chamfer or a curved surface of an object. The first time I approached this world was during my internship in Ireland. From that moment, I began to improve my knowledge knowledge of what is required to create the best experience for users.

Web Design

I'm a neophyte in the world of front-end development and web design. I have always been interested in learning and writing code, so I focused first on my needs and from there developed further skills in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap. I am discovering more platforms and basis for a more responsive and fascinating web.



Winner 2nd Place: Baby Grow Project at Hackaton in Talent Garden Milano
Exhibition of Bamboosic Project at Design X Designer 2015 in Politecnico di milano
Dublin Startup Weekend in LunchTime group as UI designer
Intership experience in Social/Arcade as UX/UI Designer
Selas Project "flexible smart glasses system" for OAKLEY Disruptive By Design Contest (with Gio Dicrescienzo)
Global Sustainability Jam in Milan with ReCoin Project "Create value through sustainability and earn while you do it"

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